Gabe on Site

Favorite part of the industry:  I like going to work knowing that I am contributing towards a job that I know I can be proud of. 

Thoughts on ICON’S Culture:  We are expected to work hard and work across job lines; nothing is beneath you.  I also feel like my time away from work is valued. 

Hobbies:  Spending time with my wife and 2 little boys.  Fishing with my family, fishing with my friends, fishing with Reed, fishing with Tom, fishing with Joe, fishing in my boat, fishing in my friend’s boat, fishing from shore, ice fishing, bass fishing, walleye fishing, catfishing, crappie fishing, perch fishing, fishing for sunfish, fishing for northern, tip up fishing, drinking beer and fishing.  I also like to boil maple sap in the spring to make maple syrup.  And keeping honeybees through the year to harvest their honey in the fall.